In LOW PROFILE’s Here’s to another 10 (published by ICIA, 2013) fellow artist Kevin Hunt offered the pair a series of anagrams of their name, distilled to 10 keywords that he felt resonated with their practice. These words were given to them as a manifesto, a gift, to use and call on, throughout the next 10 years of their working life.

They chose to make use of the first of these words – PERIL – for this limited edition badge work, a gift given to visitors of the launch of the ICIA Spring 2015 exhibition programme, in the hope that this gift becomes useful to those who receive it when dealing with the uncertainties of the future.

Here’s to trying really hard and doing your absolute best.
Here’s to be being brave in adverse conditions.
Here’s to taking chances on people.
Here’s to having faith in ideas.
Here’s to a future where art matters.
Here’s to community and to building it together.
Here’s to standing proud and to having each others backs.
Here’s to never giving up.
Here’s to adventures, to great undertakings and new experiences.
Here is to embracing the unknown, uncertainty and precariousness. 
Here’s to PERIL.


Photo Credit: Matt Burrows