LOW PROFILE were invited to contribute to OMSKbook (following performances at OMSK events). The text that appears in OMSKbook is taken from LOW PROFILE’s performance ‘LOW PROFILE presents: d o u b l e a c t s’ and has been reconfigured by OMSKbook designer Anita Steinstad. Included are letters to double acts Richard and Judy, Ant and Dec, Morecambe and Wise Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

OMSKBOOK: a testing ground for film, video, live art, sound and mayhem
London: OMSK
152 pp, paperback, DVD/CD Dual Format Disc
ISBN: 978-0-9556112-0-9
Edition of 1000
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An OMSK event unfolds across numerous rooms, in a building which is neither a gallery, nor a cinema or theatre, so that both artist and audience find themselves in direct encounter with one another. OMSK has taken this element of the live event into the space of the printed book, and given each artist a set of blank pages. Documentation of performances coincides with instructions for use, riffs on the cinema, comic book drawings, art as anatomy, and musings on the presence of the artist.

The publication also offers a critical overview of a dynamic period of change within multi-disciplinary art practice, with guest contributions from Tracey Warr and Helen de Witt exploring artist-led collectives and happenings.

A DVD features some of the most exciting work in moving image from the UK and beyond; and on its flip side is a CD packed with cutting edge sound and music compered by Rob da Bank. In addition, OMSKBOOK includes a Do-It-Yourself guide for artists and curators to propagate future platforms for experimental art