Against All Odds
21 June – 6 July, Exeter Phoenix

Against All Odds brought together a number of recent works and new commissions. The exhibition included a new, site-specific text work Never Give Up, which is spelled out across the venue’s windows. This positive yet defiant message welcomes visitors to the gallery, and projects a rallying cry to all who face adversity in difficult times.

Safety Curtain, encountered immediately upon entering the building, is a reassuring homage to the theatrical fire curtain, an early cultural health & safety measure (first called into use in response to a fire that destroyed Exeter’s Theatre Royal with great loss of life in 1887). By gently diverting visitors from their usual path through the building, it encourages a sense of heightened awareness of their surroundings.

Elsewhere, Survival Shelf (2013-18) presents LOW PROFILE’s eclectic and ever expanding library of books that somehow incorporate the word ‘survive’ in their titles. As part of the exhibition, LOW PROFILE undertook a twelve hour durational performance, The Book of Survival. It sees them attempt to read, learn from and test each other on the advice offered in The Book of Survival, a 1960s publication, that offers the promise to leave its readers mentally equipped ‘to survive’ anything.