Archive: Live Work (2003 - 2012)

3 Short Essays


3 Short Essays is a 10-minute performance featuring the TV/film characters that in a survey conducted in August 2007, Americans voted as the fictional characters they would most want by their side in a situation of emergency.



1st – an unannounced performance action that honoured the most punctual member of the Inbetween Time  Festival audience.

The Book of Survival


A 12 hour durational performance where LOW PROFILE read, try to learn from and test each other on the survival advice offered by the 1960s publication, The Book of Survival.



A series of 17-18 hour MacGyver marathons, cataloguing ‘useful’ information as part of an on-going interest in being prepared for every eventuality

A Lesson In Love


A Lesson in Love sees LOW PROFILE attempt to learn a list of at least 100 song titles ‘by heart’, in front of an audience.

double acts


LOW PROFILE’s research into double acts began when other people started to ask Hannah and Rachel to explain their collaborative practice…

Just In Case


Just in Case is an intimate guided walking tour where LOW PROFILE bring their audience through the unseen, unknown and rarely visited locations of a city.

One of Us


Taking the form of a low-key game show where players are invited to decide which of a set of confessional, personal and banal statements belong to which performer.

double acts


A 3 minute, one-to-one performance for a photographic darkroom (and resulting exhibition of photographs) – LOW PROFILE’s first collaborative work.