A Lesson in Love

A Lesson in Love is derived from a set of instructions for a game where a list of at least 100 song titles is compiled and learned ‘by heart’, until LOW PROFILE reach the point where they can ‘say the list out loud without hesitations or stumbles’.

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Photo credit: Cara Davies
Photo credit: Cara Davies

Where this work has ended up

A Lesson in Love was presented at: Peninsula Arts, Plymouth (2014); PW10/Lingua Franca, Arnolfini, Bristol (2010), Dartington College of Arts, Totnes (2009), TENT, Rotterdam (2004) and Exeter Phoenix (2003).

Bonus content

Lesson in Love (to camera rehearsal), 2003, LOW PROFILE

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A Lesson in Love

LOW PROFILE stand in front of an audience (who come and go throughout the performance) with an unfamiliar list projected onto a screen for the audience to see. The list is compiled for each version of the performance, made up of song titles that contain the words (or are in some way related to) love and loneliness.

An audience watches as the artists publicly attempt to learn the list (‘script’), following the rules of a task that insists they memorise and say the list out loud from start to finish without hesitations, stumbles, repetition or mistakes.

The task itself has an impossibility embedded in its demands whilst also creating a space in which new layers of meaning can be found within the found language of love songs; through the process of collecting, re-ordering, memorising and performing these words.