Daily Performance Huddle is a site-responsive participatory work produced for the staff of Exeter Phoenix, as part of LOW PROFILE’s solo exhibition ‘Against All Odds’ (2013).

Extract from Daily Performance Huddle instruction manual:

  1. Limit huddles to 7 minutes or less.
  2. Hold the huddle in a central location, and stand rather than sit.
  3. Experiment with different times of day and attendance. Don’t give up on the concept because a certain time or mix of staff doesn’t work. You can huddle before the work-day, late afternoon, after lunch etc. and with different staff in attendance.
  4. ‘Buy in’ to daily huddles is critical to their success and continuation.
  5. Huddles help in buildings with different hallways, offices or public areas, as ‘representatives’ can take vital information back to their area.
  6. In the beginning, you will need a designated leader and a structured ‘agenda’. After a few weeks, the huddle will run itself.
  7. In the beginning, the huddle will require daily discipline and a champion. Once the huddles gain momentum, usually within 2 days to 2 weeks, the benefits are self-evident and no extra effort is required.
  8. The huddle can be led by anyone – the leader should not necessarily follow hierarchal job roles. Within the first 10 days, try to have rotated the facilitation of the huddle to all members of the team

With thanks to the staff of Exeter Phoenix.