LOW PROFILE’s research into double acts began when other people started to ask Hannah and Rachel to explain their collaborative practice – to explain how they work together and why, about who does what and who comes up with all the ideas, about what they disagree on, about what makes them argue and whether or not they are lovers.

The artists start by making a list of, and then writing letters to, other double acts to try and make sense of their own collaborative practice.

LOW PROFILE presents: doubleacts (phoning Gilbert & George) from low profile on Vimeo.

LOW PROFILE presents: doubleacts (“Who Am I?”) from low profile on Vimeo.

(performance & commission) Exeter Phoenix (Jan, May & Dec 2006); The Royal Standard (Liverpool UK, July 2006); flikOMSK, Corsica Studios (London UK, March 2006)

‘LOW PROFILE presents: double acts” is a Phoenix Scratch commission, supported by Arts Council England and Exeter Phoenix, 2006