DRUMROLL (2020) made in collaboration with Richard Sharp

DRUMROLL is a new audio artwork composed for 8 drums, distributed online on New Years Eve (31 Dec 2020) as a shared (but distant) listening event.

You can now download and listen to the full audio artwork via our Bandcamp page. We recommend listening on HEADPHONES for best results!

Interview with LOW PROFILE & Richard Sharp

In January 2021, LOW PROFILE and Richard Sharp joined Byzantia Harlow on her radio show The Silver Stream.

They discuss the working process behind DRUMROLL (2020) and play audio snippets of the finished work.

DRUMROLL: Players Score

You can now download a copy of the full players score for DRUMROLL – composed & written by Richard Sharp. This 185 page PDF gives you detailed instructions for performing the work (as an 8 person percussionist ensemble), with additional illustrations by LOW PROFILE.

DRUMROLL takes a simple, recognisable musical flourish (a drumroll) as a starting point and extends and expands this to create an evocative, engaging, immersive listening experience.

Drumrolls are often used to command attention, create anticipation, charge a crowd, and signal that something ‘big’ and exciting is about to happen. In DRUMROLL, LOW PROFILE use these associations to draw parallels with (and speak to) a range of collective experiences during 2020 – feelings of tension, urgency and anticipation; sustained periods of waiting, transitions from one state to another, and longing for change; prolonged frustration and the desire for a release. 

While making this work, LOW PROFILE have been thinking about what it feels like to be exposed to the elements and forces outside our control. The calm before the storm. How it feels to stand looking out to sea or across the horizon. Crowds forming and dispersing. Noticing swells, gusts, and daily changes in the atmosphere. Shouting into gale force winds and lashing rain. The sound of voices calling out and echoing over distance. Catching sight of the beacon that can guide you safely to shore. Feeling the warmth of the sun rising, eyes closed, as the welcome heat floods your body. The safety and excitement of watching, sheltered, as the storm beats the sea and rocks. The collective sound of feet marching and voices shouting. The moments when silence falls, and we are there quietly waiting together. The unspoken understanding that there is safety in numbers, and of the powerful charge of working together as one. Memories of bodies dancing and sweating, of being with others, close up and en masse.

DRUMROLL will be released on New Year’s Eve 2020 to offer listeners a moment of pause and reflection, a boost of energy, a cry for things to be different, and a hopeful promise that what comes next will be better for us all. 

LOW PROFILE are working with a number of partners to help distribute this work to their audiences so as many people as possible can find out about & experience the work. This partnership echoes LOW PROFILE’s desire to make work that creates alternative systems of ecology, that are built on generosity and working with others. 

With thanks to our partners:
a space arts (Southampton); Airspace Gallery (Stoke-on-Trent); Aspex Gallery (Portsmouth); Broadway Studio & Gallery (Letchworth); Drift Records (Totnes); Exeter Phoenix (Exeter); Holden Gallery (Manchester); In Certain Places (Preston); Look Again (Aberdeen); Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange (Penzance); Plymouth Culture (Plymouth); Soundart Radio (Totnes); Take A Part (Plymouth); The Silver Stream on Soho Radio (London); and Visual Art South West.

DRUMROLL is made in collaboration and co-authored with Richard Sharp. The work is mixed and mastered by Neil Rose and the project is produced by Flock South West. Photo credits: Dom Moore.

DRUMROLL has been made with the support of our 143 backers on Crowdfunder, and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.