LOW PROFILE presents: Just in Case is an intimate guided tour (for an audience of 12) where LOW PROFILE bring their audience on a walk through the unseen, unknown and rarely visited locations of a city,  continuously and relentlessly reading aloud from a list of things that they have ‘just in case’.

Our task in this performance, ‘to be prepared for every eventuality’ – is in itself repetitive, endless, obsessive, and nonsensical. It is about trying your best, doing whatever you can with whatever you’ve got and a constant ‘making the best of’ while thinking the worst. Just in Case carefully negotiates and navigates often hidden spaces in public areas such as fire escapes, roof top spaces and backstage areas, surprising local audiences and is adapted especially for each new context.

Sometimes the group expands, people tag along, curious or watch from the sidelines as this strange tour group passes.

I’ve got a lighter just in case I need an excuse to talk to strangers … I’ve got clean pants on just in case I’m in an accident … I’ve got a bunch of keys just in case I get followed at night … I’ve got a carrier bag just in case I feel sick … I’ve got white wine just in case everyone else brought red … I’ve got chocolate just in case you break my heart … I’ve got a sleeping bag just in case you can’t get home … I’ve got my maths GCSE just in case I have to get a proper job.

Version 1: OVADA, VENT  live art residency, Oxford (UK)
Version 2: TENT, Rotterdam (NL)
Version 3: diskurs05 festival, Gießen (DE)
Version 4: Gangkast, Rotterdam (NL)