During Plymouth Art Weekender 2017, LOW PROFILE sold ‘LOCAL’ badges via a network of specially recruited artists who were all ‘local’ to Plymouth (living/working in, or near the city). Recruited artists were given a 50% cut of the badges sale price (mirroring commercial markup) generating a micro-income through their position as a point-of-sale for the badges. LOCAL tests & suggests alternative economies for artists practices that are generous in spirit & considerate towards how artists sustain, support and resource their work.

This limited edition wearable artwork interrogates, and aims to generate discussion around, what it means to be ‘local’/‘a local’. It questions the positive and negative implications of being ‘local’ (as an artist, or as any individual making ties to a place) and is suggestive of the complex & layered connotations of this word/name.

The LOCAL badge sellers were:
Laura Edmunds // Laura Hopes // Rosie King // Beth Emily Richards //
Steven Paige // Mark Leahy // Norman Buchan // Molly Rooke // Andy Cluer