Never Give Up is a site-responsive text work, spelled out across the windows of public buildings (arts organisations). This positive yet defiant message engages passers-by, welcomes visitors and projects a rallying cry to all who face adversity in difficult times.

Never Give Up reflects our interest in determination, hopefulness and reassurance. The mantra (drawn from advice found in The Book of Survival, a 1960s publication, that offers the promise to leave its readers mentally equipped ‘to survive’ anything) is a message to ourselves as much as a gift to others. It also acts to temporarily turn the building into a beacon, signalling to those outside that it is a safe place and supportive environment in which to gather.

Installed work hosted by:
– Exeter Phoenix (in Against All Odds)
– Toynbee Studios (London) as part of LOW PROFILE’s Artsadmin bursary showcase
– The Royal Standard (Liverpool) as part of the group exhibition Gettin’ The Heart Ready (celebrating TRS’s first 10 years and move to new premises in the Baltic Triangle)
– École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims (Reims, France) as part of WEFRAC21
Never Give Up also features in Hasbro’s Exeter Edition Monopoly set (published 2015) in the “Coventry Street” space

Never Give Up was developed with the support of Artsadmin’s Artists’ Bursary supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

Never Give Up (2013- on-going) was acquired by Collection FRAC Champagne-Ardenne in 2019.

Image credits: Exeter Phoenix (Exeter version) / Oliver Rudkin (Artsadmin version) / Tim Herbert (TRS version) / Nancy Sheterline (Exeter Monopoly board) / ESAD Reims (Vincent VDH)