This commemorative limited edition 500 piece jigsaw showing an image of a large-scale temporary artwork titled ‘PEOPLE’ installed at Preston Bus Station during a period of redevelopment in June 2019. 

The jigsaw is housed in the Community Studies Library at the Harris Museum, where it is laid out, inviting visitors to make and remake it together. Although it’s entirely possible to complete the puzzle individually, it’s quicker and easier to do it with others – encouraging collaborative effort, time and attention, as well as allowing the potential for social interactions and collective action.

In June 2019 LOW PROFILE commissioned Laserline Road Marking Ltd to paint the word ‘PEOPLE’ on the bus station forecourt. They were interested in using this format to mimic the way that road markings normally direct our attention and behaviour, shaping how we navigate through public spaces. The creation of the text makes a statement about this part of the bus station’s future use as a new public space for Preston’s residents and visitors.

In 2019, Preston Bus Station was refurbished and reopened following a public campaign that fought to save it from demolition. LOW PROFILE wanted to mark the moment of the bus station’s 50th anniversary by again placing value on, and celebrating, the people of Preston – highlighting the role that people play in shaping and making place.