PEOPLE is a new temporary artwork created at Preston’s iconic Bus Station during a period of redevelopment.

In early June 2019, LOW PROFILE commissioned Laserline Road Marking Ltd to paint the word ‘PEOPLE’ on the forecourt of Preston Bus Station – creating a temporary artwork for visitors and passers-by to engage with. The artists were interested in using this format to mimic the way that road markings normally direct our attention and behaviour, shaping how we navigate through public spaces. The creation of the text makes a statement about this part of the bus station’s future use as a new public space for Preston’s residents and visitors. The text will disappear as the forecourt undergoes further development in Autumn 2019.

A new film also commissioned as part of the project, creates a portrait of two workers installing the text – drawing attention to both the changing nature of the space, and the skill, labour and teamwork involved in creating changes in the build environment that may otherwise be overlooked.

Preston Bus Station, built in 1969 and striking in its design and scale, has recently been refurbished and reopened following a public campaign that fought to save it from demolition. A special regard for those using the bus station (commuters, local students, visitors and staff) sits at the heart of the ambition of the station’s design and construction – something echoed in the way in which people continue to value it as architecturally and socially important today.

LOW PROFILE wanted to mark the moment of the bus station’s 50th anniversary by again placing value on, and celebrating, the people of Preston – highlighting the role that people play in shaping and making place.

Photo Credits – Peter Heyworth


Road Marking: Laserline Road Marking LTD

PEOPLE (2019) was commissioned by Harris Museum, Art Gallery & Library and In Certain Places.