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‘JUST IN CASE’ – name tape *

This sew on name tape (est 100mm x 20mm) is supplied lightly attached to a backing card. Press lightly with an iron set to its lowest heat setting.  *Please note this item might have some light marks from age & is sold at a reduced cost to recognise this.

This name tape was produced to accompany LOW PROFILE’s performance ‘Just in Case’ presented in the UK, Germany & Netherlands in 2005.

Just in Case was an intimate guided tour where LOW PROFILE brought their audience on a walk through the unseen, unknown and rarely visited locations of a city,  continuously and relentlessly reading aloud from a list of things that they have ‘just in case’.

I’ve got a lighter just in case I need an excuse to talk to strangers … I’ve got clean pants on just in case I’m in an accident … I’ve got a bunch of keys just in case I get followed at night … I’ve got a carrier bag just in case I feel sick … I’ve got white wine just in case everyone else brought red … I’ve got chocolate just in case you break my heart … I’ve got a sleeping bag just in case you can’t get home … I’ve got my maths GCSE just in case I have to get a proper job.