In October 2006, almost 1 year after making the decision to move to Plymouth, LOW PROFILE are invited to make a presentation about what it is like to live and work as artists in the city. At the time, Plymouth seemed to be a city with an all but invisible arts community – it proved difficult to know whom the artists were or where to find them. Within this context, the artists developed a number of alternative strategies in order to track down the hidden network of contemporary artists living or working in the city.

These strategies included posting ads in lonely hearts columns, newspapers, magazines, newsagents’ windows and supermarket notice boards; a city wide covert stickering campaign; holding ‘golf sale’ style ‘R U an Artist’ signs in the city centre; handing out flyers; talking to strangers; searching on google; asking a policeman and looking in the yellow pages. The presentation tracked Rachel and Hannah’s progress in finding, meeting and befriending lonely artists in the city as a way to suggest improvements in the development of the arts community.

Made in response to B+B’s ArtSchool (Sophie Hope) and Plymouth Art Centre’s invitation to make a presentation about what it was like to live and work as an artist in Plymouth.