SIGNS OF / FOR CHANGE is a temporary public artwork commissioned by The Box (Plymouth) to coincide with the organisation’s launch and Plymouth Art Weekender, installed in Tavistock Place from the 25 – 27 Sept 2020.

SIGNS OF / FOR CHANGE takes the form of a specially made double-sided trailer sign (similar to a mobile advertisement billboard) presenting a series of regularly changing large-scale flyposted texts.

LOW PROFILE have designed this artwork (the object, its statements, slogans and activation) in response to their on-going interests in hopefulness and resilience, the importance of community, and their requests and desires for a system that treats all with respect, equality and care.

The artwork is activated, by hand, by a number of specially recruited artists who live and work in Plymouth (including LOW PROFILE themselves). Each statement is pasted on top of the last – operating like a slow, human-powered, DIY gif, with passers-by seeing messages being reformulated and their meaning or possible reading changing over time.

LOW PROFILE’s chosen texts point towards the need for us all to be accountable Рplaying our own part in contributing to (and demanding) a fairer, more equal and inclusive society; whilst also thinking about how we take care of and look out for each other, how we might find ways to not give up, and how we can hold tight to one another, even when this is at a distance.

As the layers of the fly-posted texts continue to be applied on top of each other and build up, visible traces of the duration, human effort and labour that goes into changing the sign are revealed. This action of insistence through repetition also acknowledges the effort involved in changing something from one state to another and the role that people play in making change.

Hold or Right Click on this image to download & share the HOLD ON / HOLD TIGHT gif.
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Alongside LOW PROFILE, the following artists activated the artwork during the time it was situated at The Box:

  • Carly Seller is an artist, yoga teacher & creative facilitator committed to helping people unearth their capacity to create and play through art, movement and connecting with nature.
  • oho_co is an artist-researcher and curiously hungry nomad who works with the performativity of food as symbolic, social, plastic and mnemonic material.
  • Victoria Hemminghaus is currently studying for an MA in Fine Art at Plymouth College of Art with an interest in abstract painting and anthropomorphic sculpture.

Paul Ager who is an artist and blacksmith based in Plymouth, worked with LOW PROFILE to design and produce the trailer sign.