For me, for her, for you is an audio artwork made in collaboration with sound artist Neil Rose. The artwork has been created in response to the National Trust’s Women & Power series, a year long programme during 2018 marking the 100 year anniversary of the passing of the Representation of the People Act (votes for women) and the long struggle for women’s suffrage.

For me, for her, for you is a 7 track audio work – weaving together interviews, songs and recorded messages threaded together with new sound work by Neil (who also co-edited, mixed & mastered the piece). The artwork is intended to be listened to in numerical order with tracks of differing lengths.

The work has been shaped with the involvement of members of the public, National Trust volunteers and women based within the South West who we researched through the process of making the work.  

 Listen online on the National Trust website…

 Download “For me, for her, for you” from Bandcamp…

During the summer, we invited members of the public to contribute to the project by ringing a dedicated phone line and leaving messages about women* who have inspired them, women who go against the grain and who don’t accept the status quo. Alongside these responses, we researched and identified women in Plymouth (where we are based) and the wider South West region, who in different ways make a positive impact in their community and work to change the world for people who come after them. Interviews with some of the women we contacted, alongside the phone messages, form the content for this new audio work.

For me, for her, for you also features three new commissioned songs by emerging singer songwriters selected by the artists for this project through an open call. Cordelia O’ Driscoll, Holly Kirkby and Suck My Culture (Amy, Lizz & Georgia) (all based within the South West) have each written a new ‘protest song’ in response to the project & their own experiences of identifying with the ongoing campaign for women’s rights.

*those who identify as women or non binary


For me, for her, for you was created with investment from The National Trust, who commissioned this artwork, as part of ‘Women and Power’.

LOW PROFILE would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the making of the work, especially all the people who rang the phone line and left messages; the women we interviewed and Cordelia, Holly and Suck My Culture for their brilliant songs.