Year: 2004

LOW PROFILE presents: One of Us

Taking the form of a low-key game show where players are invited to decide which of a set of confessional, personal and banal statements belong to which performer.

101 ways to say I love you

A sound work for an answer machine. First recorded in 2004 and then presented as part of ‘Words Don’t Come Easy’ (Berlin, 2010) and ‘Against All Odds’ (Exeter Phoenix, 2013).

Low Profile presents: skip-recall recall-skip

MASS SKIPPING ROPE & RHYME This participatory, durational, mass skipa’thon invites the audience to recall childhood playtimes through the act of skipping. A series of rhymes and songs…

Low Profile presents: an introduction

A performance lecture introducing LOW PROFILE’s practice, revealing process as an integral part of an artwork alongside our relationship to list making.

Commuter Karaoke

Commuter Karaoke is a durational, impromptu performance that exists in the public and private spaces of the daily commute – the place between work and home…