Referencing the saturation of the manufactured propaganda image, constantly produced and ubiquitous, Project Space 11 present a rolling exhibition of black and white posters (both in the Project Space, and throughout the city) created by regional, national and international artists.

Project Space 11 acted as a temporary campaign office for the duration of the exhibition,  manufacturing propaganda multiples that visitors could then distribute.

Artists included:
Rebecca Griffiths, Alex Higlett, Simon Bedwell, An Endless Supply, Ellie Harrison, Daryl Waller, Cordelia Cembrowicz, Ella Golt, Laurence Payot, David Sherry, Steven Paige, Jonathan Baron, Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG, Abigail Reynolds, Mark Pearson, Georgina Hounsome, James&Jones, S Mark Gubb, LOW PROFILE, CMS Research Project, Guy Oliver, Shafiq Dad, Oliver Sutherland, Bruce Asbestos