Between 2013-2014 LOW PROFILE have been Artsadmin bursary supported artists. The Bursary Scheme offers bursaries to UK-based artists working individually or collaboratively in Live Art. Artsadmin’s intention is to offer timely support to artists who would value the opportunity to delve into new ideas without pressure to produce a final outcome. The bursary is not a commission or production grant but a package of support oriented towards research and process that can be used flexibly according to each artist’s needs.

Hear LOW PROFILE and other supported artists talking about their experience of being part of the scheme here:


As well as receiving support from Artsadmin to produce new work, work with a mentor and to spend time researching and experiencing live work, LOW PROFILE presented a showcase titled, The Event Formerly Known As Stand Ins at Toynbee Studios.

Image credits: Oliver Rudkin

The Event Formerly Known As Stand Ins was an evening presentation of recent and new work including:
Never Give Up (2013-present) site specific installation
LOW PROFILE newspaper (2012 / 2014) publication
Here’s to another 10 (2013) publication
1st (2010 – present) live action & installation
A Lesson In Love (2003) performance to camera
Survival Shelf (2012-present) installation
DRUMROLL (2014) new limited edition badge work
Safety Curtain (2013) site specific installation
For the hills... (2014) site responsive intervention
3 Short Essays on the 3 Fictional Characters Americans Would Most Like By Their Side In a Situation of Emergency (2013) performance
How we got to do all things we got to do, as well as we could remember on the 22nd August 2013 (2013-2014) printed map.