In the approach to LOW PROFILE’s 10th birthday, we became interested in the almost impossible task of trying to predict what will happen in the next 10 years. Inspired by a real-life asparamancer who has made successful predictions using asparagus to predict the future, we developed our own fortune telling technique, combining the practice of I Ching with ‘asparamancing’ to provide a winning combination. Our intimate, mobile asparamancy service aims to help others make important decisions and gives advice on how best to approach their own futures. Asparamancy is part of a series of works investigating ideas of expertise and uncertainty.

Asparamancy was developed with support and encouragement from CAZ Weekender, Hunt & Darton Cafe and CAVE.

Photo Credits: Kevin Hunt  (courtesy of CAVE Art Fair); Christa Holka (courtesy of Brian Lobel / Cruising For Art at Inbetween Time 13)

Video Credits: Kevin Hunt