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For me, for her, for you – in collaboration with Neil Rose

For me, for her, for you is an audio artwork made in collaboration with sound artist Neil Rose. The artwork has been created in response to the National…


Jamboree is a new residential workshop format developed by LOW PROFILE which aims to foster a peer network of artists & curators who are invested in each other’s practices,…


During Plymouth Art Weekender 2017, LOW PROFILE sold ‘LOCAL’ badges via a network of specially recruited artists who were each ‘local’ to Plymouth (living/working in, or near the city).

Jamboree #1: Plymouth

The first edition of Jamboree was held in Plymouth over 3 days (Nov 2015), with 16 artist participants (selected from 6 artist run associate schemes from across the…

DIY TOO: A beginner’s guide to making a DIY artist-led project

Following on from the success of D.I.Y (Do.It.Yourself), a publication about DIY theatre and performance (2014), LOW PROFILE were invited by editor Robert Daniels to share insights on DIY arts practice and projects.


A badge work by LOW PROFILE that aims to help wearers deal with the uncertainties of the future. In response to words offered by fellow artist Kevin Hunt.


Impromptu is a layered sound work made up of specially commissioned recordings of renowned Freddie Mercury tribute act Gary Mullen (winner of Stars In Their Eyes, 2000) performing…

Singing Bottle (Britain’s Top 20 Most Requested Karaoke Songs, Organised By Starting Note)

LOW PROFILE were invited by Plymouth Arts Centre to make a limited edition artwork for the labels of their house wine bottles. The labels on each bottle feature…

YOU MADE IT (Night Watch 2014)

A badge work commissioned by Cambridge Junction to celebrate Night Watch – A non-stop 24 hour festival of new performance.


DRUMROLL is a limited edition badge work made available to audience members who take part in a collective ‘drumroll’, first shown during LOW PROFILE’s Artsadmin Bursary Showcase.

How we got to do all the things we got to do, as well as we could remember on the 22nd August 2013

LOW PROFILE set about a painstaking re-tracing (from memory) of all the connections we had made with artists, makers, venues, institutions, curators and producers since starting to work together. Published In Robert Daniels (ed) (2014) D.I.Y (Do.It.Yourself)…

Artsadmin Bursary and showcase

LOW PROFILE were Artsadmin Bursary Supported Artists (2013-2014)…

Picture In The Paper

Picture in the Paper was a participatory project exploring and celebrating group identity and temporary allegiances (2014-2015). Commissioned by ICIA (Bath) & supported by Arts Council England…

Never Give Up

Never Give Up is a site-responsive text work, spelled out across the windows of public buildings (arts organisations). This positive yet defiant message engages passers-by, welcomes visitors and…

Safety Curtain

Safety Curtain is a site-responsive work produced for LOW PROFILE’s solo exhibition ‘Against All Odds‘ at Exeter Phoenix (2013)…

Daily Performance Huddle

Daily Performance Huddle is a site-responsive work produced for LOW PROFILE’s solo exhibition ‘Against All Odds’ at Exeter Phoenix (2013)…

Against All Odds

Against All Odds, solo exhibition at Exeter Phoenix (2013)…

Artquest article

Artquest invited LOW PROFILE to write a short text on collaboration…

Here’s to another 10

Here’s to another 10, LOW PROFILE’s future-gazing publication, with contributions from Action Hero, Hunt & Darton, Lindsay Hughes, Barry Sykes, Kevin Hunt, Rebecca Weeks and Joanne ‘Bob’ Whalley & Lee Miller.


Our intimate, mobile asparamancy service aims to help others make important decisions. Asparamancy is part of a series of works investigating ideas of expertise and uncertainty.

50 Questions for a Magic 8 Ball (work in progress)

Developed during Hideaway Weekend (Residence, Bristol) & *Weekender* (curated by Rebecca Weeks / CAZ), 50 Questions For A Magic 8 Ball sees LOW PROFILE question what the future holds for them…

The Apocralypse

The Apocralypse, curated by artist Barry Sykes, is a series of entirely hypothetical, invented, fictional talks and presentations by twenty two different artists, writers…

DRY RUN part 5: Procedures for Preparedness (photo series)

A series of photographs continuing LOW PROFILE’s investigation into ‘dry runs’, referencing safety demonstrations, procedures, briefings and rituals. With photographer Dana Ariel.


LOYAL is a loyalty card scheme developed especially for Hunt & Darton Cafe that encourages customers to return to the cafe and make purchases….

LOW PROFILE newspaper

To celebrate 9 years of working together LOW PROFILE produced a special newspaper, bringing together a collection of previously un-published and under-published texts…

Survival Shelf

Survival Shelf is an eclectic and ever expanding library of pre-owned books that somehow incorporate the word ‘survive’ in their titles. Commissioned for Hunt & Darton Cafe.

Hunt & Darton Café

LOW PROFILE were invited to develop a series of new works for the context of Hunt & Darton Cafe (a fully functioning cafe, where the inner workings of the business are exposed and everything is considered as art).

3 Short Essays on the Three Fictional Characters that Americans Would Most Like by Their Side in A Situation of Emergency

‘3 Short Essays’ is a 10-minute performance featuring the TV/film characters that in a survey conducted in August 2007, Americans voted as the fictional characters they would most want by their side in a situation of emergency.

Soon all your neighbours will be artists

LOW PROFILE were invited to contribute to a publication produced in collaboration between members of Extra Special People at Eastside Projects (Birmingham), Aid & Abet (Cambridge), Spike Associates (Bristol) and WARP (Cardiff).

Would You Like This Badge?

As part of the artist-driven programme of events ‘Come to Ours’ (2011), artists LOW PROFILE were commissioned to produce a new badge series celebrating and interrogating their relationship to Plymouth.

Come to Ours

Come to Ours was a programme of activity and events that celebrated and showcased the work of both emerging and established artists and curators. Co-founded and co-delivered by LOW PROFILE.


A special collection of LOW PROFILE’s ephemera (low-fi, handmade, photocopied bookworks, badges, nametapes and other formats) housed in the Live Art Development’s Reading Room archive.

The Underdogs

The Underdogs (developed for Project Space 11) celebrates LOW PROFILE’s unwavering belief in underdogs (those least likely to win against all odds).

Packed Lunch Challenge

Inbetween Time Festival goers were invited to enter their packed lunches into LOW PROFILE’S Packed Lunch Challenge. Points and prizes were awarded for extravagance, effort, portability…


Inbetween Time commissioned LOW PROFILE’s unannounced performance action honouring the most punctual member of the festival…

You Made It

A performance action celebrating the audience’s role in Inbetween Time Festival, rewarding those who ‘made it’ right to the end…

Recommended Daily Water Intake

A pair of wearable water carrying devices allowing LOW PROFILE access to a continuous supply of water during durational performances, including Inbetween Time Festival…

A Good Spot For A Packed Lunch

A series of videos installed around the building at Arnolfini (Bristol) at tried-and-tested packed lunch eating locations… Presented as part of ‘Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got’ for Inbetween Time.

Making Your Way In The World Today Takes Everything You’ve Got

For Inbetween Time Festival 2010, LOW PROFILE were commissioned to develop new work for the context of a double decker routemaster bus (parked outside of Arnolfini, Bristol).


Commissioned poster for Project Space 11’s rolling exhibition Agitprop – referencing the saturation of the manufactured propaganda image, constantly produced and ubiquitous…

Hole Station residency

A self-initiated residency by LOW PROFILE and Hunt & Darton on a wooded campsite in Devon.

Hair Dryer Dance

A video made off-the-cuff during a site visit to Arnolfini, Bristol. The weather was particularly bad and we got very wet…

Artists Lottery Syndicate

LOW PROFILE were part of the 40-strong collective of UK artists formed through Ellie Harrison’s Artists’ Lottery Syndicate – playing The National Lottery as a way to reconsider and question alternatives to arts funding in the UK.

What do you do with the leftovers?

Developed for DIY 6 (the Live Art Development Agency’s DIY workshop programme) this workshop provided artists with the opportunity to realise the potential of the ‘stuff’ that is leftover from the artistic process of making.

DRY RUN part 4: MacGyver’thon

LOW PROFILE have been embarking on a series of 17-18 hour MacGyver marathons, cataloguing useful information as part of an on-going interest in being prepared for every eventuality…

DRY RUN part 2: How to save your skin when disaster strikes without warning

A 12 hour durational performance where LOW PROFILE read, try to learn from and test each other on the survival advice offered by the 1960s publication, The Book of Survival.

LOW PROFILE say Hello and Goodbye

On New Year’s Eve 2007, LOW PROFILE were invited by Cafe Concrete to make a performance to mark the occasion.

PL:ay Festival

PL:ay was an ambitious one-day festival in various locations throughout Plymouth city centre – showcasing live art, video, photography and installation, to over 3500 people for free. (July 2007) Co-founded and delivered by LOW PROFILE

Worth The Trip

A publication commissioned by Newlyn Art Gallery to mark the opening of their new artspace The Exchange (Penzance). Using the gallery’s visitors books as a starting point…

Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble?

LOW PROFILE worked with a choreographer to learn the dance to PJ & Duncan’s 90s pop hit Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble…

OMSKBOOK (ed) Clare Moloney

Following performances at a number of OMSK events, LOW PROFILE were invited to contribute to OMSKbook…

R U an artist?

A presentation about what it is like to live & work as an artist in Plymouth, made in response to B+B’s ArtSchool (Sophie Hope) and Plymouth Art Centre‘s invitation.

For One Night Only, LOW PROFILE are the Round Girls

LOW PROFILE were invited to be the round girls at a boxing match with a difference, a bout between Dada and Fluxus in a regulation size boxing ring…

LOW PROFILE presents: double acts

LOW PROFILE’s research into double acts began when other people started to ask Hannah and Rachel to explain their collaborative practice…

Black Friday (ed) Christoph Keller

LOW PROFILE were invited to contribute to Chrisoph Keller’s publication Black Friday. Using dialogue from Disney’s 1964 film Mary Poppins…

LOW PROFILE presents: Just in Case

Just in Case is an intimate guided walking tour where LOW PROFILE bring their audience through the unseen, unknown and rarely visited locations of a city.

Looking, Encountering, Staging (ed) Anke Bangma

LOW PROFILE were invited to contribute to Looking, Encountering, Staging edited by Anke Bangma (Piet Zwart Institute & Revolver Books)…

LOW PROFILE presents: One of Us

Taking the form of a low-key game show where players are invited to decide which of a set of confessional, personal and banal statements belong to which performer.

101 ways to say I love you

A sound work for an answer machine. First recorded in 2004 and then presented as part of ‘Words Don’t Come Easy’ (Berlin, 2010) and ‘Against All Odds’ (Exeter Phoenix, 2013).

Low Profile presents: an introduction

A performance lecture introducing LOW PROFILE’s practice, revealing process as an integral part of an artwork alongside our relationship to list making.

Commuter Karaoke

Commuter Karaoke is a durational, impromptu performance that exists in the public and private spaces of the daily commute – the place between work and home…

LOW PROFILE presents: A Lesson in Love

A Lesson in Love sees LOW PROFILE attempt to learn a list of at least 100 song titles ‘by heart’, in front of an audience.

Low Profile presents: Three, a performance

A 3 minute, one-to-one performance for a photographic darkroom (and resulting exhibition of photographs) – LOW PROFILE’s first collaborative work.