Commuter Karaoke is a durational, impromptu performance that exists in the public and private spaces of the daily commute – the place between work and home.

In the versions presented at Bath Fringe Festival and Topsham Road, time is spent in close proximity to strangers, separated only by the thin glass of the car windows. The performance takes place during the evening rush-hour near a traffic bottleneck, just before twilight. From their cars, commuters see a figure (in silence) on the side of the road with a set of cardboard signs.

Written on the signs are the words to the song, made famous by Andy Williams, “Can’t take my eyes off you”. Seen separately, the lyrics stand alone as personal statements and it is only when the traffic slows or comes to a standstill that the commuters see the other lines of the song.

As part of Five Second Theatre, Hull, Rachel hung out of the kitchen window of a flat, holding the cardboard signs up to the passengers of the passing trains.

‘Commuter Karaoke’

(installation) The Wrong Place, Site, Liverpool, March/April 2007
(performance) Five Second Theatre, Hull, May 2005
(performance) Bath Fringe Festival, Bath, June 2004

(performance) Topsham Road, Exeter, October 2003