Following on from the success of D.I.Y (Do.It.Yourself), a publication about DIY theatre and performance (2014), Robert Daniels has brought together another group of artists to further explore this topic.

DIY TOO is a new book about “do it yourself” performance, with contributions made by over 30 arts practitioners and collectives.

It’s a sequel of sorts, or rather; a continuation, to “DIY”, and is the second in a book series that platforms a growing community of voices in theatre, art, dance and performance making.

Its aim is to articulate and contextualise an ethos and practice within contemporary art called “DIY” theatre and performance.

For this edition, LOW PROFILE have written a beginners guide to making a DIY artist led project with the aim of sharing some useful things that we have learned about running artist led projects, to better equip others who feel like they have the energy and time to roll up their sleeves and get DIY’ing.

Contributors: Accidental Collective: Pippa Bailey: Simon Bowes: Daniel Bye: Karen Christopher: Helen Cole: Dirty Market: Fictional Dogshelf: Emma Frankland and Keir Cooper: Gob Squad: Donald Hutera: Mamoru Iriguchi: Dan Koop: Lila Dance: Caroline Locke: LOW PROFILE: Rachel Mars: Harun Morrison: Hannah Nicklin: Joseph O’Farrell (JOF): Paper Cinema: Patternfight: Plastic Castles: Sh!t Theatre: Sleeping Trees: Sleepwalk Collective: Tassos Stevens: Shamira Turner, Little Bulb: Uninvited Guests: Hannah Jane Walker: Melanie Wilson: Greg Wohead: Caroline Wright and Helen Paris.


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