photo credit: Toby Farrow

You are a workaholic with no time for love.
You are an advertising executive who finds out he can read women’s minds, revealing what women want.
You are a man living in a world of elves.
You are a newspaper courier who is knocked off his bike and falls into a coma. When you awake, London is deserted, ravaged by a rage inducing virus.
What would you do?
DRY RUN part 1 is a short work-in-progress performance, which explores working out the right thing to do in a situation of emergency. LOW PROFILE have gathered scenarios from a fictional world and developed a set of actions and text responses. At times the scenarios and responses seem absurd, trivial, ridiculous, bizarre and over the top and at other times strangely familiar, important, recognisable and common place.
I would lock all the doors… I would blame the one armed man… I would get down and crawl… I would phone home… I would get out of the water… I would laugh at your jokes… I would pretend I was asleep… I would pretend I was dead… I would find a pub… I would not look back…
Hannah and Rachel take it in turn to read the scenario texts aloud, perform a series of actions (stolen from half remembered air hostess safety routines, dry land versions of parachuting, sea rescues or ‘stop drop and roll’) and put forward an often chaotic list of responses as ways to cope with these situations. Momentum builds and shifts over an extended period of time with repetition and physical exhaustion, allowing for the formation of narratives and space for the audience to imagine situations that they could have experienced, or may experience in the future.