How big is an emergency?
When does something become an emergency?
Could you use the Richter scale to measure the effects of a broken heart?

Initially developed during a short residency at The Royal Standard, Liverpool (Oct 2008), alongside Navigator & Mr Decomcracy. Exhibited at Plymouth Art Centre, as part of Proximity Effect (November 2008) and re-made for We Live Here at Arnolfini, Bristol (Feb 2009)

DRY RUN part 3: Scale Of Emergency takes the format of a series of large target diagrams, on which LOW PROFILE (in negotiation with the audience) attempt to map the severity, variety and scale of emergencies against one another. This collection of emergencies (generated by the artists with help from a passing audience) ranges from personal scale, micro emergencies to larger, macro (national or global) emergencies. As the artists come to temporary agreements about where to place each emergency on the scale, each decision is hampered by the inherent failure of trying to categorise, shape or even ‘fix’ notions of emergency.

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DRY RUN parts 2 & 3 are part of an ongoing research project supported by Plymouth College of Art

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