LOW PROFILE have been embarking on a series of 17-18 hour MacGyver marathons.

Series 1: Plymouth Art Centre, as part of Proximity Effect (November 2008)
Series 2: 91mQ Projectspace, Berlin as part of Nude as the News (August 2010)

DRY RUN part 4: MacGyver’thon sees LOW PROFILE watch an entire series of the hit 80’s TV show MacGyver*, back-to-back, with an audience (for 17+ hours) cataloguing useful information as part of an on-going interest in being prepared for every eventuality. The repetitive and unforgiving act of carefully watching and cataloguing these TV scenarios allows LOW PROFILE and their audience to extract ‘useful’ information (e.g how to escape a burning car using a penknife) from countless rolls under slowly closing doors, inventive ways of escaping burning buildings or fooling the guard, disarming the alarm system and essentially, numerous ways to save the day. The question remains as to whether we (the performers and the audience who watch along) may somehow inherit or learn these skills by such intensive watching, making us better equipped for our lives outside the (relative) comfort of the gallery space with the knowledge we will need to deal with any emergency, crisis, catastrophe or disaster.

*MacGyver is a laid-back, optimistic and extremely resourceful American secret agent who favours brain over brawn – always making the most of his scientific knowledge, the inventive use of everyday objects and his trusty Swiss-Army knife to escape (often extraordinary) life-or-death situations.

In a survey conducted in August 2007, MacGyver out ranked Indiana Jones, John McClane from the Die Hard films and James Bond as the fictional character Americans would most want to be by their side in an emergency situation.


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