Have You Seen Our Work? is an on-going and ever growing compendium of creative responses, recollections and partial rememberings made by audience members, peers, friends and strangers in response to the work of LOW PROFILE, compiled and (currently) published on a work-in-progress website.

HYSOW has been developed in response to LOW PROFILE’s ongoing research into, and attempts to resolve, the complexities of documenting and disseminating their (predominantly) live practice. The project aims to go much further than to consider documentation in terms of acts of recording ‘the event’, but instead seeks to embrace and consider all that makes up the liveness of an ephemeral artwork, where the focus of the work is on exchanges between artists and audience.

HYSOW seeks to engage those who come into contact with the work in ways that sustains the lifespan of the live moment and of the person’s relationship with the artwork, by asking them to respond directly to ‘what they have seen’ and ‘what went on’. Participants can offer their response to the work  in a variety of forms (which they select) including video, sound, text and image. The responses may range from a participant uploading a photograph onto the website that they took on a mobile phone or writing a short description of ‘what went on’, to someone creating their own artwork or creative response.

The project proposes to create a self-sustaining website which grows organically through the ongoing process of participants contributing to the project over a long period of time, alongside LOW PROFILE’s long term commitment to their practice.

LOW PROFILE are currently seeking funding to develop an interactive, intuitive, bespoke website to fit the needs (and realise the full potential) of this project, in the meantime please contact the artists if you have a contribution you would like to add to their collection.

“Who am I?” Remade by Neil Rose, originally by LOW PROFILE from Neil Rose on Vimeo.