On New Year’s Eve 2007, LOW PROFILE were invited to make a performance to mark the occasion. As part of Cafe Concrete (and with help from their fine audience), LOW PROFILE ushered in the New Year with the following contribution…

LOW PROFILE say Hello and Goodbye 2007 from low profile on Vimeo.

Goodbye to marmite
Goodbye to broken hearts
Goodbye to Tony Blair
Goodbye to so many things
Goodbye to forgetting yourself in a job
Goodbye to blushing
To stumbling
And not being able to look people in the eye

Goodbye to smoking in pubs
Goodbye to dieing young
Goodbye to Frankfurt Gate
To spare rooms
And tears before bedtime

Goodbye to going to bed early on a school night
To working every Saturday
And getting up at 6:30

Goodbye to worry, excuses and rushing in
The old, the unloved and the unwanted
Goodbye to taking on too much

Hello to longer days
To silly crushes
And getting drunk with friends

Hello to dancing
Hello to decisiveness
Hello to canoe wife mystery solved

Hello to mortgages
Hello to dating
Hello to the fisherman’s arms
Hello to saying I live in Plymouth and I quite like it there

Hello to America’s next top model

Hello to the year of properties and the year of performances in cars
Hello to living our lives like artists
Hello to studios
To eating in bed
And to all bills included, to fully comp and no excess