Here’s to another 10 (publication)

Here’s to another 10 includes contributions by a range of artists and creative producers who have been involved in supporting the development of LOW PROFILE’s practice during 2012, including; Action Hero, Hunt & Darton, Lindsay Hughes, Barry Sykes, Rebecca Weeks and Joanne ‘Bob’ Whalley & Lee Miller.

Here’s to another 10 is commissioned by ICIA and produced with the support of CAZ (Cornwall Autonomous Zone) with thanks to Residence (Bristol), Hunt & Darton and CAVE art fair (Liverpool).

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On the February 14th 2013, LOW PROFILE turned 10. Even though Hannah&Rachel never really meant to start collaborating (it all sort of happened by accident), 10 years (and a bit) later, they are still working together – as artists and as friends. Perhaps for this reason, their turning 10 felt like a particular achievement and a moment to celebrate and ‘take stock’ of their practice to date.

It is maybe quite natural that when a significant anniversary or marker of time takes place, that you start thinking about what the future might hold. To help them think about their future together, LOW PROFILE decided to consult a number of ‘future experts’ (including a rune reader, tarot reader, fortune teller, transformational life coach and an astrologist) in an attempt to be better prepared for what challenges they might face and to try to plot a possible pathway for the next 10 years of working together.

At the same time as doing this they started to have honest and serious conversations about how they will be able to continue to work together whilst navigating the events of their own lives that will unfold over the next 10 years.

This book includes new works for the page made by LOW PROFILE in response to this research and future investigation probing.

The book also includes work by a range of artists and creative producers who have been involved in supporting the development of LOW PROFILE’s practice during the period of time leading up to their 10 year anniversary. Their idiosyncratic contributions have been led by a series of personalised invitations asking them to consider notions of longevity, sustaining creativity, speculation, the investment of audiences, the value of lessons learnt, the impact of time on the shaping of a practice and ways to keep going.

This book let’s make it clear, does not have clear-cut answers. It is not a survival manual or a self-help book. It is instead a jumble of ideas, thoughts and reflections that point much more to the implicit futility of future-proofing, predicting and preparing for the unknown, whilst doggedly attempting to find strategies for keeping going, never giving up and maintaining and sustaining an arts practice.


Photo Credit: Gemma Paintin 2012