Photo Credits: Hunt&Darton

Run as a fully functioning café, live art duo Hunt&Darton creatively expose the inner workings of their new business venture by considering everything as art. LOW PROFILE were commissioned along side a number of other artists to make new work for the Hunt&Darton Café, which was first presented in Cambridge for 1 month in 2012. LOW PROFILE developed 3 new works (see below for links to individual works) for this exciting project, as well as acting as waitresses for one weekend where they stood in for Hunt&Darton and took on the task of running the café as ‘not Hunt’ and ‘not Darton’.

Survival Shelf
Survival Shelf (a continuously growing collection of books with variations of the word ‘survival’ in the title) was first commissioned for Hunt&Darton Café to act as a potential resource, offering some guidance for artists and café goers. Survival Shelf is a continuation of our ongoing investment in exploring notions of preparedness.

LOW PROFILE newspaper
To celebrate 9 years of working together LOW PROFILE produced a special one off newspaper, bringing together a collection of previously un-published and under-published texts drawn from our accumulated archive of performance texts, works for the page and associated writings. The LOW PROFILE newspaper was specially commissioned as part of Hunt&Darton Cafe and was available (for free) to customers to leaf through while waiting for friends, to take away and enjoy on the commute to work, or as a useful prop to aid solo dining.

LOYAL is a loyalty card scheme developed especially for Hunt & Darton Café that encourages customers to return to the café and make purchases. Customers who collect all of the stamps are rewarded with a bespoke limited edition LOYAL badge, allowing them to publically display their support and allegiance to H&D Café beyond the project’s walls.