Following the success of LOW PROFILE’s commissioned loyalty scheme LOYAL for Hunt & Darton Cafe, LOW PROFILE developed a new MEGA loyalty scheme for the Cafe’s two year tour.

You look keen.
How keen are you?

Can you handle a whole Hunt & Darton Cafe tour?

Take your photograph in each of the seven café venues on Hunt & Darton’s two year tour and be REWARDED through LOW PROFILE’s MEGA LOYALTY scheme.

A minimum of four photographs in different Hunt & Darton cafes (on the 2014 – 2015 tour) will secure your KEEN reward! #KEEN #HuntAndDartonCafe

Brighton – March 2014, as part of SICK! Festival supported by The Basement
Cambridge – May 2014, supported by Cambridge Junction and EAT Festival
Colchester – Oct 2014,  supported by Colchester Arts Centre
Folkestone  – Feb 2015, supported by Quarter House
Manchester – March 2015, as part of SICK! Festival supported by The Basement
Harlow – June 2015, supported by Harlow Playhouse
Peterborough – Aug/Sep 2015, supported by Vivacity

Send your pictures to Hunt & Darton via their facebook page, tweet them, email them, print them out and post them, or, print them out, take them with you to the final café on the tour, dramatically lay them out on your favourite café table and declare ‘I AM KEEN’ as loudly and proudly as you possibly can. Are you the KEENEST ever café visitor? Are you ready? ARE YOU? Good luck everyone…