Photo Credits: LOW PROFILE

To accompany the live performances that LOW PROFILE make, they have produced a large number of low-fi, handmade, photocopied and free bookworks that are given/make available to audiences. They are also engaged in making ephemera that operates as self-contained artworks in their own right (badges, nametapes etc).

The ephemera and bookworks are always limited edition and are often given away for free, subsequently, this means that varying numbers of copies are left of each item/artwork in the archive, sometimes just 1 or 2 copies of a bookwork/item remain, sometimes hundreds. In recent years LOW PROFILE have moved towards creating most works on computers, but in the early days they used photocopiers and their hands, so recreating or reprinting would be very difficult if not impossible.

LOW PROFILE realised that they wanted to make sure that this relatively large (and growing) collection was somehow kept safe so that at least one copy of everything was stored safely. Taking on the model of the ‘disaster box’, which is often used by businesses to protect and ‘back up’ the infrastructure (intelligence) of the company in the case of a disaster where the ‘original’, on site copy is destroyed; they have created two identical disaster boxes. One disaster box is located in their studio in Plymouth and one is located in the Live Art Development Agency’s resource room in London. Each box contains a copy of every piece of ephemera LOW PROFILE have made to date, along side a catalogue of all the items. Each time a new piece of ephemera is made, a copy is placed in the Plymouth box and another is sent to LADA. In this way the existing collection is preserved and an ongoing resource is developed for visitors to the studio, or the resource room to explore.

LOW PROFILE would like to thank the good people of the Live Art Development Agency who are supporting them in this endeavour and for committing to keeping the disaster box safe and adding to it as required.