LOW PROFILE were invited to make a new performance at TENT (Rotterdam) as part of a project titled ‘platforms of presentation: art as discussion piece’ curated by artists Bik Van Der Pol. Their performance lecture ‘An introduction’ examines the revealing of process as an integral part of an artwork.

We presented an introduction to our practice, through an overview of the practice of list making:

Lists as a way to make the private public – to tell our stories and to expose our process. Lists as a way to make things official, to make things important – magnifying the stuff of our daily lives. Lists that confuse the important and the trivial, until both definitions become blurred. Lists as a way to show the connections, the threads and the links between different strands of our practice.

An Introduction has been presented in an auditorium, lecture theatre and studio environment – referencing the standard use of these spaces through presentation formats such as slides and ohp.

(performance) eXpo festival 05, (NTU) Nottingham, November 2005
(performance) Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, April 2005
(performance) Exeter School of Art and Design, Exeter, March 2005
(performance) Platforms of presentation, TENT, Rotterdam, June 2004