This participatory, durational, mass skipa’thon invites the audience to recall childhood playtimes through the act of skipping.

A series of rhymes and songs collected by the artists are chalked up onto surrounding pavements, brick walls and walkways, made visible for participants to read and follow as they join in.

The game encourages adults to think back to their childhoods – back to a period of growing up and learning about winning and loosing, taking risks and making mistakes, and about joy and failure. Low Profile temporarily re-instate playtime, as a trigger for these memories and as a tool to investigate wider narratives.

Through the simplicity of its set up, we create a situation where our audience can share a conversation, their recollections, stories and experiences.

Presented as part of ‘OMSK:ROAM (not building roam, in a day)’, 2004, London and at ‘Graft at Riverside Festival’, 2005, Nottingham.

‘Low Profile presents: skip-recall recall-skip’
(performance) graft 05, Nottingham Riverside Festival, August 2005
(performance) ‘ROAM’, OMSK, London, July 2004