Photo Credit: Flo Flach

For Inbetween Time Festival 2010, LOW PROFILE were commissioned to develop new work for the context of a double decker route master bus (parked outside The Arnolfini) which the artists occupied for the 4 day festival duration.

The ‘Making Your Way’ series encompassed 10 new works (see below for links to individual works) developed especially for the IBT festival which saw LOW PROFILE invite the festival audience and passers by, to take part in a series of announced and unannounced activities and actions that explored (urban) festival survival tactics.

LOW PROFILE also intervened into the IBT festival party with performance duo Hunt&Darton with some low-level micro performance works.


Packed Lunch Challenge
IBT festival goers are invited to enter their packed lunches into LOW PROFILE’S Packed lunch Challenge. Points/prizes are awarded for extravagance, effort, portability, innovation and resourcefulness.

An unannounced performance action that honoured the most punctual member of the IBT audience.

You Made It
A performance action celebrating the audiences role in IBT festival, rewarding those who ‘made it’ right to the end.

Recommended Daily Water Intake
A pair of wearable water carrying devices allowing LOW PROFILE access to a continuous supply of water.

A Good Spot For A Packed Lunch
A series of videos installed in The Arnolfini building at tried-and-tested packed lunch eating locations.

An installed object which aimed to ‘lighten the load’ for IBT festival goers by providing a simple and cost-effective method to aid stamina and endurance.

Night Time Message
LOW PROFILE project a night time message out of a window from the top of the bus to encourage the people of Bristol to ‘Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Give Up’.

Late Elevenses
LOW PROFILE invite festival goers to join them on Dr Roberts bus for a little sustenance

Have A Break
LOW PROFILE invite festival goers to take a break at 3pm every day of the festival to re-fuel and re-charge, the audience are each given a Kit Kat chocolate snack and offered instruction on how best to consume the bar.

Parcel For Chris
LOW PROFILE send artist and the route master bus driver Chris Dobrowolski a special package to help him deliver the bus to Bristol from Cambridge (in the snow).