photo credit: Stuart Moore
video credit: Tim Dickinson and Neil Rose

Q: What’s white and angry?
A: A swan

Q: What’s white and red and angry?
A: A dead swan

LOW PROFILE want to make a show for you. They hope you’ll join them as their guests. Not to be missed, Hannah’s poem and Rachel’s giant origami swan – G.I.A.N.T.  ‘Show for You’ traverses the worlds of light entertainment, magic, party pieces, skills, tricks, first impressions and non-functional niceties – exploring the things we all do when we’re being on our best behaviour, trying to come across well, be charming, entertaining, a good guest or a good host.

Don’t admit to having a crush on the short one out of Lord of the Rings
No, put your purse away, (then the lovely smile)
Remember, it is difficult to be unpleasant to someone who arrives with a well-chosen gift.

Download<< watch an excerpt of a to-camera video of ‘Show For You’
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