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3 Short Essays on the Three Fictional Characters that Americans Would Most Like by Their Side in A Situation of Emergency

‘3 Short Essays’ is a 10-minute performance featuring the TV/film characters that in a survey conducted in August 2007, Americans voted as the fictional characters they would most want by their side in a situation of emergency.

Packed Lunch Challenge

Inbetween Time Festival goers were invited to enter their packed lunches into LOW PROFILE’S Packed Lunch Challenge. Points and prizes were awarded for extravagance, effort, portability…


Inbetween Time commissioned LOW PROFILE’s unannounced performance action honouring the most punctual member of the festival…

You Made It

A performance action celebrating the audience’s role in Inbetween Time Festival, rewarding those who ‘made it’ right to the end…

Recommended Daily Water Intake

A pair of wearable water carrying devices allowing LOW PROFILE access to a continuous supply of water during durational performances, including Inbetween Time Festival…

A Good Spot For A Packed Lunch

A series of videos installed around the building at Arnolfini (Bristol) at tried-and-tested packed lunch eating locations… Presented as part of ‘Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got’ for Inbetween Time.

Making Your Way In The World Today Takes Everything You’ve Got

For Inbetween Time Festival 2010, LOW PROFILE were commissioned to develop new work for the context of a double decker routemaster bus (parked outside of Arnolfini, Bristol).

DRY RUN part 1: You are a workaholic with no time for love

photo credit: Toby Farrow You are a workaholic with no time for love. You are an advertising executive who finds out he can read women’s minds, revealing what…

LOW PROFILE presents: A Lesson in Love

A Lesson in Love sees LOW PROFILE attempt to learn a list of at least 100 song titles ‘by heart’, in front of an audience.