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Our intimate, mobile asparamancy service aims to help others make important decisions. Asparamancy is part of a series of works investigating ideas of expertise and uncertainty.

Hunt & Darton Café

LOW PROFILE were invited to develop a series of new works for the context of Hunt & Darton Cafe (a fully functioning cafe, where the inner workings of the business are exposed and everything is considered as art).

The Underdogs

The Underdogs (developed for Project Space 11) celebrates LOW PROFILE’s unwavering belief in underdogs (those least likely to win against all odds).

Artists Lottery Syndicate

LOW PROFILE were part of the 40-strong collective of UK artists formed through Ellie Harrison’s Artists’ Lottery Syndicate – playing The National Lottery as a way to reconsider and question alternatives to arts funding in the UK.

Black Friday (ed) Christoph Keller

LOW PROFILE were invited to contribute to Chrisoph Keller’s publication Black Friday. Using dialogue from Disney’s 1964 film Mary Poppins…