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Artsadmin Bursary and showcase

LOW PROFILE were Artsadmin Bursary Supported Artists (2013-2014)…


Our intimate, mobile asparamancy service aims to help others make important decisions. Asparamancy is part of a series of works investigating ideas of expertise and uncertainty.

3 Short Essays on the Three Fictional Characters that Americans Would Most Like by Their Side in A Situation of Emergency

‘3 Short Essays’ is a 10-minute performance featuring the TV/film characters that in a survey conducted in August 2007, Americans voted as the fictional characters they would most want by their side in a situation of emergency.

DRY RUN part 4: MacGyver’thon

LOW PROFILE have been embarking on a series of 17-18 hour MacGyver marathons, cataloguing useful information as part of an on-going interest in being prepared for every eventuality…

DRY RUN part 1: You are a workaholic with no time for love

photo credit: Toby Farrow You are a workaholic with no time for love. You are an advertising executive who finds out he can read women’s minds, revealing what…

LOW PROFILE say Hello and Goodbye

On New Year’s Eve 2007, LOW PROFILE were invited by Cafe Concrete to make a performance to mark the occasion.

Show For You

photo credit: Stuart Moore video credit: Tim Dickinson and Neil Rose Q: What’s white and angry? A: A swan Q: What’s white and red and angry? A: A…

For One Night Only, LOW PROFILE are the Round Girls

LOW PROFILE were invited to be the round girls at a boxing match with a difference, a bout between Dada and Fluxus in a regulation size boxing ring…

LOW PROFILE presents: double acts

LOW PROFILE’s research into double acts began when other people started to ask Hannah and Rachel to explain their collaborative practice…

LOW PROFILE presents: Just in Case

Just in Case is an intimate guided walking tour where LOW PROFILE bring their audience through the unseen, unknown and rarely visited locations of a city.