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Jamboree is a new residential workshop format developed by LOW PROFILE which aims to foster a peer network of artists & curators who are invested in each other’s practices,…


During Plymouth Art Weekender 2017, LOW PROFILE sold ‘LOCAL’ badges via a network of specially recruited artists who were each ‘local’ to Plymouth (living/working in, or near the city).

Jamboree #1: Plymouth

The first edition of Jamboree was held in Plymouth over 3 days (Nov 2015), with 16 artist participants (selected from 6 artist run associate schemes from across the…

DRY RUN part 5: Procedures for Preparedness (photo series)

A series of photographs continuing LOW PROFILE’s investigation into ‘dry runs’, referencing safety demonstrations, procedures, briefings and rituals. With photographer Dana Ariel.

LOW PROFILE newspaper

To celebrate 9 years of working together LOW PROFILE produced a special newspaper, bringing together a collection of previously un-published and under-published texts…

3 Short Essays on the Three Fictional Characters that Americans Would Most Like by Their Side in A Situation of Emergency

‘3 Short Essays’ is a 10-minute performance featuring the TV/film characters that in a survey conducted in August 2007, Americans voted as the fictional characters they would most want by their side in a situation of emergency.

Would You Like This Badge?

As part of the artist-driven programme of events ‘Come to Ours’ (2011), artists LOW PROFILE were commissioned to produce a new badge series celebrating and interrogating their relationship to Plymouth.

Come to Ours

Come to Ours was a programme of activity and events that celebrated and showcased the work of both emerging and established artists and curators. Co-founded and co-delivered by LOW PROFILE.

The Underdogs

The Underdogs (developed for Project Space 11) celebrates LOW PROFILE’s unwavering belief in underdogs (those least likely to win against all odds).


Commissioned poster for Project Space 11’s rolling exhibition Agitprop – referencing the saturation of the manufactured propaganda image, constantly produced and ubiquitous…

DXDX Studio Group

DXDX is an artist run studio space on Regent Street, Plymouth, UK. LOW PROFILE were founder members of the studio group in  March 2010, alongside Scott Daniels, Tim Dickinson, Andrew…

What do you do with the leftovers?

Developed for DIY 6 (the Live Art Development Agency’s DIY workshop programme) this workshop provided artists with the opportunity to realise the potential of the ‘stuff’ that is leftover from the artistic process of making.

DRY RUN part 3: Scale Of Emergency

How big is an emergency? When does something become an emergency? Could you use the Richter scale to measure the effects of a broken heart? Initially developed during…

DRY RUN part 1: You are a workaholic with no time for love

photo credit: Toby Farrow You are a workaholic with no time for love. You are an advertising executive who finds out he can read women’s minds, revealing what…

LOW PROFILE say Hello and Goodbye

On New Year’s Eve 2007, LOW PROFILE were invited by Cafe Concrete to make a performance to mark the occasion.

Show For You

photo credit: Stuart Moore video credit: Tim Dickinson and Neil Rose Q: What’s white and angry? A: A swan Q: What’s white and red and angry? A: A…

R U an artist?

A presentation about what it is like to live & work as an artist in Plymouth, made in response to B+B’s ArtSchool (Sophie Hope) and Plymouth Art Centre‘s invitation.