Tag: preparedness

Safety Curtain

Safety Curtain is a site-responsive work produced for LOW PROFILE’s solo exhibition ‘Against All Odds‘ at Exeter Phoenix (2013)…

Daily Performance Huddle

Daily Performance Huddle is a site-responsive work produced for LOW PROFILE’s solo exhibition ‘Against All Odds’ at Exeter Phoenix (2013)…


Our intimate, mobile asparamancy service aims to help others make important decisions. Asparamancy is part of a series of works investigating ideas of expertise and uncertainty.

50 Questions for a Magic 8 Ball (work in progress)

Developed during Hideaway Weekend (Residence, Bristol) & *Weekender* (curated by Rebecca Weeks / CAZ), 50 Questions For A Magic 8 Ball sees LOW PROFILE question what the future holds for them…

DRY RUN part 5: Procedures for Preparedness (photo series)

A series of photographs continuing LOW PROFILE’s investigation into ‘dry runs’, referencing safety demonstrations, procedures, briefings and rituals. With photographer Dana Ariel.

Survival Shelf

Survival Shelf is an eclectic and ever expanding library of pre-owned books that somehow incorporate the word ‘survive’ in their titles. Commissioned for Hunt & Darton Cafe.

Packed Lunch Challenge

Inbetween Time Festival goers were invited to enter their packed lunches into LOW PROFILE’S Packed Lunch Challenge. Points and prizes were awarded for extravagance, effort, portability…


Commissioned poster for Project Space 11’s rolling exhibition Agitprop – referencing the saturation of the manufactured propaganda image, constantly produced and ubiquitous…

DRY RUN part 4: MacGyver’thon

LOW PROFILE have been embarking on a series of 17-18 hour MacGyver marathons, cataloguing useful information as part of an on-going interest in being prepared for every eventuality…

LOW PROFILE presents: Just in Case

Just in Case is an intimate guided walking tour where LOW PROFILE bring their audience through the unseen, unknown and rarely visited locations of a city.

Looking, Encountering, Staging (ed) Anke Bangma

LOW PROFILE were invited to contribute to Looking, Encountering, Staging edited by Anke Bangma (Piet Zwart Institute & Revolver Books)…

101 ways to say I love you

A sound work for an answer machine. First recorded in 2004 and then presented as part of ‘Words Don’t Come Easy’ (Berlin, 2010) and ‘Against All Odds’ (Exeter Phoenix, 2013).