Photo Credit: LOW PROFILE

The Apocralypse, curated by artist Barry Sykes, is a series of entirely hypothetical, invented, fictional talks and presentations by twenty two different artists, writers, curators and performers.

For this fictional series, LOW PROFILE developed a new idea titled ‘Here’s to another ten’ (see below) surrounding their forthcoming 10th birthday due on February 14th 2013. Sykes asked all artists to use the formalities of ‘standard’ publicity material used for such public events, including a title, location, promotional blurb, ticket price etc as well as to enjoy the creative freedom of devising whatever we wanted.

To view all 22 works (revealed every weekday throughout July 2012) and to read more about the project, see:

Here’s to another ten

Date: Wednesday 13th February 2013
Time: 11.00pm, duration 61 minutes.
Location: The Cube, Bristol

On the eve of their 10th birthday, LOW PROFILE invite you to join them in a special one off presentation where they will announce what their future has in store. Over the last 6 months, Rachel and Hannah have consulted a number of experts to help them uncover, shape and guide their future career/life prospects. They have undertaken careers assessments, skills analyses and rigorous psychometric testing. They have visited a life coach, fortune teller, trend annalist and an astrologer. Taking on board the possibilities plotted out for them by business advisors, experts in the field of contemporary visual/live art, their A Level art teachers and their mums and dads. This presentation see’s them attempt to navigate the advice offered and plot a possible pathway for the next 10 years of working together.