deric has been:
‘being busy’ with things and nothing – having cold knees – on his computer – wondering what would happen if we hadn’t been allowed to bring our computers – looking for his mp3 player – making peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwiches – looking at the active box – bringing cardboard boxes in off the street – looking for something – ‘being busy’ with asking what we want from him and what we want from this – asking questions about boredom, where it comes from, what it is – not making work because he can’t use text, graphically – asking us to pose with the active box – reading us a story about male genitals, dressed up as a cowboy on a horse – and whilst claiming a space he learned something, that deric’s corner is a good place for deric carner – made us pancakes.

evi has been:
finding out that hester isn’t german – interviewing us and asking us questions about the active box as a model to talk about our group – having very different views in what this group is, is for, or could be – trying to write a text that isn’t a fairy tale, romantic, patronising or saccharin – telling us stories about her sister’s exploits with minor celebrities – explaining the tv programme ‘the gilmore girls’ – using feng shui to try and find jesus – making us soup – bringing in mirrors – finding out that the toilet is the creative centre from where the chi needs to be channelled – writing another text – referring to albert heijn as sainsbury’s

kelly has been:
putting clay in her teeth – not knowing what to do with it and having no ideas about clay – trying to write proposals – trying to think of who would be on a list of her enemies – memorising lines to do with hermetics, good ideas, the ‘bug’ – wondering if any of this will be interesting to other people – finally embracing the clay – leaving the mess on the table, it getting cleaned up – shopping and finding a new dress – telling us about being photographed at a hippy camp and being in the guardian newspaper – saying about being asked why she had a paki dad by the kids at school.

tobias has been:
trying to concentrate – asking us to close the door and us being sorry we keep forgetting to do it – smoking – advising that we should buy 4 euro wine instead of 2 euro wine – pushing dolly parton off the table until she fell – memorising lines to do with an audience, the audience, accessibility – mainly editing until the early hours of the morning – taking photographs of us as a group with his head in the way of the picture – making strong coffee – buying a new ‘fonzey’ style leather jacket – being good at computer things.

hester has been:
worried that it won’t be art and will just stay as a joke – looking for jesus – be nervous about meeting jesus – finding and getting a date with jesus – thinking about showing videos she made with her friends as a joke – drinking martini – working with evi – editing for hours and worrying about seconds and mintues – taking on the role of curator and still wanting to work behind the bar – practising her english accent – making a picture wall for the bar – not getting involved in arguments – getting her friend to be our spy at another opening this evening (friday) – she was our translator.