VENT was a month long live art residency in Oxford during April 2005. During the residency, we worked on a number of areas of our practice. These included:

* the development of our performance ‘Low Profile presents: Just In Case’

* working with an ‘open studio’ model as a way to engage an audience face to face in a gallery situation

*a two part installation – slide projection in the gallery window & ‘growing’ installation inside the gallery space where visitors were asked to display what they had ‘just in case’

*actively persuing an enlarged audience – as part of our residency, we actively made contact with new possible audiences. one example of this activity was using the situation of a ray mears book-signing in oxford city centre to individually approach over 100 people to talk about our project and invite them to participate and/or come to the performance.

other artists involved:
Phil Babot
Anne Bean
Sean Burn
Bryony Henderson
Lizzie Hughes
Phillippa Jeffrey
Christina Kubisch
Jordan McKenzie
Vicky Melody
Hugh Mooney
Yoshinori Niwa
Kirsten Norrie
Will Pollard
Dawn Scarfe
Reckless Sleepers

performed during VENT:
Low Profile presents: One of Us
Low Profile presents: an introduction
Low Profile presents: Just in Case