DRUMROLL is a limited edition badge work made available to audience members who take part in a collective ‘drumroll’.

During LOW PROFILE’s Artsadmin Bursary Showcase (The Event Formally Known as Stand Ins – March 2014), LOW PROFILE initiated a simulation of a drumroll by asking their audience to ‘drumroll please’.

Lady at the front, drumroll please
Man at the back, drumroll please
Mary, drumroll please
Karl, drumroll please
Man over there, drumroll please
Barry, drumroll please
Jemma, drumroll please

DRUMROLL explores the creation of small simple collective actions, where each voice, handclap or foot stamp, together creates something seemingly special, or at least, less impactful when attempted by a sole individual.

The badge is offered to individual audience members after the ‘drumroll action’ has taken place, with a handshake and a ‘thank you’ for making the drumroll possible.

When worn, the badge acts as an instruction piece, a suggestion, or an invitation to those who view it to ‘drumroll’ – holding the potential to create any number of drumrolls. It also offers those who need it, a drumroll for any occasion.