CAMP is a member-led network for the creative and visual arts community in Devon and Cornwall (including artists, producers, curators and arts writers). CAMP rose from the glowing embers of Plymouth Arts Centres’ highly successful, but now sadly defunct, PAC Home network.

LOW PROFILE were part of the core group of artists and curators to establish CAMP in 2019.



Who helped to make this

CAMP was established by co-directors Katy Richardson, Elena Brake, Sophie Mellor, Victoria Fear, Rhys Morgan, Lucy Stella Elmes, Rachel Dobbs & Hannah Rose in 2018.

Where this work has ended up

Directors at CAMP stay in post for 18 – 24 months, after which a new group of directors are voted for by the membership, with a managed handover period. Hannah & Rachel both stepped down and handed over to new directors during 2020, but remain as CAMP members, and in close contact with the current directors.

Bonus content

CAMP website


Rachel from LOW PROFILE, gave a talk about how CAMP was set up at a ‘Performance in Exeter’ Maketank event in 2020.