Singing Bottles

In 2014, LOW PROFILE were commissioned by Plymouth Arts Centre to make a limited edition artwork for the labels of their house wine bottles.

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Who helped to make this

Singing Bottles was commissioned by Plymouth Arts Centre for their house wine bottles, sold within the restaurant.

Where this work has ended up

The work was produced as a limited edition label series for the wine bottles at Plymouth Arts Centre. Most of the wine bottles will have remained on site, and used / drunk by restaurant customers, but visitors also had the option to buy one to take home.

Singing Bottles

The labels on each bottle feature song titles taken from a (2014) survey of the top 20 most requested karaoke songs in the UK, with each title positioned to correspond with the starting note of the song. 

As the wine is poured from the bottle, reaching each line/note, drinkers are invited to turn the bottles into alternative tuning forks by blowing across the bottle to get the note and to aid a sing along.