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Worth The Trip (2005) is a publication commissioned by Newlyn Art Gallery to mark the opening of their new artspace The Exchange (Penzance). Using the gallery’s visitors books as a starting point.

112 pages

“We are standing in Newlyn Art Gallery reading the visitors book, pointing out to each other the comments that make us smile, seem odd, sound funny when you say them out loud, the comments that seem unnecessarily harsh, the crossings out, the comments about comments, the comments about the weather and the coffee machine. We start to see patterns. Words crop up over and over and over again. Interesting, Amazing, Beautiful, Stunning, Better, Boring, Brilliant, But. Words that we use everyday. Words that we forget even exist. Words that we should use more in conversation. Words that we vow never to use again. We set ourselves the task of cataloguing the words in the visitors book from a three year period… After all of this, we are left with a list of 4356 words.”

“A monumental and ground breaking work. Someone had to do it, thank you! I will never write “very” in a book of any kind again” – Jem Finer – artist