Come to Ours was a programme of activity and events that celebrated and showcased the work of both emerging and established artists and curators. This artist-driven programme temporarily occupied unusual and unconventional sites, spaces and contexts around Plymouth (UK), running alongside the British Art Show 7 (Sept-Dec 2011). Come to Ours was part of Plymouth Fringe.

Come to Ours was devised and managed by a group of individual artists (Rachel Dobbs, Bryony Gillard, Christopher Green, Mark James, Hannah Jones, Beth Emily Richards and Neil Rose) who have come together to develop this special programme of events.

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Come to Ours was made up of 6 projects, including:

Would You Like This Badge? takes an alternative, personal and handmade approach to typical slogans and taglines used to promote and brand a city. LOW PROFILE have developed a series of badges in response to their experiences of living and working in Plymouth, thinking about how people view the city (from the inside and outside) and reflecting what is distinctive about this place. 300 specially designed badges (50 x 6 different designs) are on sale for £1 each at LOW PROFILE’s selected pubs.

A Circle presented five artists who employ performative methods within their practice. Bryony Gillard, Ella Golt, Leah Lovett, Beth Emily Richards and Selina Taylor explore notions of documentation, ephemera and how to show their (live) work within a gallery context by utilising sculptural props, performances to camera, relics of performances, or live works and interventions staged at intervals throughout the exhibition.

The Library of Independent Exchange (L.I.E) is a temporary reference library that presented the most interesting and significant works of contemporary independent arts publishers and artists spanning 14 countries. L.I.E provided a rare opportunity within the city of Plymouth to encounter and explore such works, in an informal, open space which enabled visitors to explore the processes of publishing, collaboration, dissemination and highlight the wealth of resources available.

Plymouth Aural Survey (PAS) was a project that sought to collate information and audio recordings from the general public in an attempt to map participants’ movements around Plymouth City Centre, providing an alternative method of navigating or positioning yourself within the surveyed area. The online representation of the score/composition acts as an online audio canvas that transposes data from questionnaires (collected on 10th September 2011) as ever changing graphs of different colours.

Video Takeaway presented  a curated programme of dynamic, short artist film-works from a range of national and international artists presented on existing TV monitors located in two of the Come to Our’s teams favourite takeaways in Plymouth.

The Fireplace Gallery is a gallery sited in a domestic, unused fireplace, showcasing micro-exhibitions by emerging and established artists. Artists showcased during Come to Ours have all stayed (as guests) in the proprietors’ (Hannah Jones & Neil Rose) home. The gallery also features an adjoining ‘Mantle Space’ showcasing artwork by Richard Dedomenici and a gallery shop, selling artists’ ephemera and limited editions.